Amazing 3d Art of Interior Design

Interior and exterior designing is quite famous these days. Everyone wants their house decorated to amaze and impress others. But one cannot make interior designs without any draft. Because human creativity of thinking is limited. So developers made some software about drafting interiors and exteriors like AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema 4D.

These softwares are very powerful not only for exterior and interior purposes but it is also used for making drafts for car models, layouts of engines and mobile technologies as well. Software like 3Ds Max, Maya and Cinema 4D produce realistic effects on drafts so the objects rather it is an interior or exterior it looks totally real.

Now a day’s designers are working so hard on these softwares to get professional in it. This field entirely changed the route of designing field; this field contains a lot of things in it. 3d cartoon making, character, cars, technology modeling and interior-exterior designing.

But on snapzlife we shared a designer named Conglong Zhao (longbow0508) with his amazing interior designing experience. He is from Singapore. So be ready to get fascinated by his amazing interior designing work.

Hope you guys like his work and appreciate him for his great efforts in this field. Also tell us what you think about this post in your comments.

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3d Art of Interior Design by longbow0508

bath_room_v2_0_by_longbow0508 CLINIC_DESIGN_WAITING_by_longbow0508 Freelance_Living_room_by_longbow0508 Guest_Room__by_longbow0508 HC_INterior_by_longbow0508 Library_Design___Cafe_area_by_longbow0508 Living_Room_Design_B_by_longbow0508 LIVING_ROOM_FOR_SIS_by_longbow0508 M_BED_FOR_SIS_by_longbow0508 modern_interior_by_longbow0508 New_design_by_longbow0508 New_Master_bed_room_by_longbow0508

CLINIC_DESIGN_RECEPTION_by_longbow0508 (1)




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