Most Common Problems with Small Business Websites


Most Common Problems with Small Business Websites

Most Common Problems with Small Business Websites

Just because your company has a website doesn’t mean it’s doing your business any good. Many small business websites don’t look or function well, which can hinder rather than help these businesses. The good news is that most of these issues are minor and easily avoided or fixable. Here are some of the biggest pet peeves that can be seen on many small business websites.

Outdated Content

It doesn’t take a lot of effort or creative thought to make sure that a website has updated regularly so it looks like it is up to date. Minor changes to reflect the season, particularly around the holidays are a nice touch that don’t take a lot of time. The reason is so important is because an updated website shows someone cares. If a website still talks about Christmas in March, it doesn’t seem like there is a lot of care in the site and it can certainly impact how a potential customers views your website.

Lack of Awareness of Keywords

In terms of the Internet, Google is one of the world’s most frequently visited sites. A business highly values its rankings on Google so that they show up in the first few results of relevant searches. This can help drive traffic to the site and increase the amount of business that occurs organically. One of the big drivers of the search engine algorithm is keywords. Small business owners should do some research on the most common key words and phrases that are used by potential customers in the industry and use them on their site. You should use these key words on your site somewhere. However, avoid just making the content on your site a bunch of gibberish to try and improve your search rating. Instead, making sure the most common keywords flow seamlessly with the rest of your content.

Poor Functionality in a Shopping Cart

Online shopping is a booming sector of business worldwide. It is a wise decision for a small business to try and capitalize on this trend by incorporating a store into their website. However, when this store doesn’t function properly or confuses potential customers, small businesses face an opportunity cost. They are losing out on business that was all but theirs. Having a good shopping cart function is vital. Luckily, there are services that utilize online shopping cart software that has been time tested and vetted over and over again. Using a good shopping cart ensures that this potential revenue stream is always flowing and doesn’t need any extreme monitoring. The best part is it is quite affordable generally and maintenance can be done by the business owner to make sure their online store is always up to date and accurate. Naturally, a small business can never afford to turn down perfectly good revenue and making silly mistakes on a website does just that.


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