Unique and Terrific Examples of Macro Insect Photography

Macro Photography is an example of photography to take picture of those things which cannot be seen by regular eyes. It can also be defined as to take the detailed photos of small objects under the guidance of good cameras. This kind of photography is very unique and it takes a lot of concentration and patience.

While taking photos of insects one should really aware of how to take photos of it. Your little noise can scare these little creatures and you’ll lose them. So it is necessary that one should know all the circumstances about to take photographs of insects.

In insect photography one should has a good camera and lens as well. Otherwise you’re efforts are futile and the picture you take with your camera shall be blurry and bad quality. To take good photographs we need an expensive lens not to waste our hard efforts.

Here on Snapzlife we showcased some Unique and Terrific Examples of Macro Insect Photography. Hope you’ll find this post interesting and don’t forget to share this post with your buddies.
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Cheerful Insect by Yeden

This little creature looking very happy because of its photoshoot.

Deroplatys Dessicata by SAMLIM


Deroplatys Dessicata is also known by a name giant dead leaf mantis, it generaly found in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Bumble Bee by DarkCaress9


Bumblebee is member of bee family bumbus, found in north america and like other bees their life base on nector and collecting pollen for younger one.

Lady Bugs by oriontrail


A small beetle having red body with dark spots. These creatures are very gentle and harmless.

Honey Bee Covered in Pumpkin Pollen by dalantech


Bees work hard to make honey this is the best examples we can imagine.

DragonFly by Phoenixtear


As we know dragon fly is an insect and his body can be of different colors like orange, red, brown etc. Mostly reveal him before rain and eat small insects like flies, mosquitoes and butter flies.

Gemeine Blutzikade by webcruiser


The “Gemeine Blutzikade” (Cercopis vulnerata) froghopper or trying to give you a translation “Common Blood-Cicada” is the Insect of the year 2009 for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is the first time that one insect is proclamated for this three countries together.

Green buggy by danielvijoi


A small green bug generally found in local places like house, office, streets and gardens.

Green Caterpillar by votblindub


It is basically the larva of a butterfly with many segments on his body and especially with lots of feet.

Havestman eating Stick by melvynyeo

A simple picture of Havestman type of spiders eating or playing with stick.

Hoverfly by KeldBach


A hoverfly checking the flower for pollen, really hard work for these creatures.

Mating Hoverflies Mishari-Alreshaid


Romance and love is part of life wether in humans, animals or insects.

Rose Chafer by selley


Raised Chafer the only insects that is known as jewel insect. Some people say all the other insects jealous of this specie.

Heath Fritillary by struller


Life is not simple after all have to think about future the coming tomorrow is far more dangerous.

The Tribal Insect by Cloudwhisperer67


The one and only unique insect having red color body with naturally printed designs on it.


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